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trash tiki

august 23, 2017

Trash Tiki is a pop up and online platform that seeks to create all ingredients for a tiki bar, from off cuts, unsold products and other raw materials otherwise destined for the bin.

It is fully open sourced so that anyone around the world can be inspired and start changing the environmental impact of their bar, tonight. 

To raise awareness of Trash Tiki and the greater message for bars and restaurants to start being more sustainable,  we the founders, Kelsey Ramage and Iain Griffiths, are going to undertake something of a tour and take this shit on the road to as many cities as we can.

Call it low impact, sustainability or what ever else you like, we're going to inject some life and emotion back in to the cold dead corpse that this conversation has become. We're going to show you that reducing your environmental impact, has an emotional and economical impact that should put a smile on your dial.


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Christmas, Hanukkah and all the holiday cheer shaken up and served as a Cocktail. Spreading the liquid festivities one state, one bar at a time! The holiday season is upon us so we're decking our halls and pouring you some yuletide cheer. Kitsch, wonder & tinsel for your holiday-loving-heart!!



the do over

August 26th, 2017




Savage Bliss is every Thursday at The Skip outdoor patio with DJ Frankie Banks & Friends. Dub, Reggae, Tropical Funk, Fuzzed Out Rock, Warm Weather Classics and other exotic pleasures. Maybe even some Hip Hop for good measure.

No Cover.
$2 Hamms & High Life Tall Boys (possibly the best deal in all of downtown)
$6 Mai Tais.
Loose Vibes. Tight Drinks. Pull up.

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Live & Raw is a series of scaled down live sessions with Michigan-based musicians set.
The goal is to promote their music in it's purist form-- unplugged, all acoustic, live and raw. To go even deeper, Live & Raw is a brand extension of Fanic Music with the core purpose of engaging with our local community and offering a unique experience for both the artist and their fan base.
The aim of this initiative is to record the live performance, treat and edit the footage, then release the video to promote their music.

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public matter

(June 2017 - July 2018)
Featuring FAILE

Public Matter is a fully accessible exhibition platform located within The BELT in downtown Detroit.

Public Matter features rotating exhibitions of framed paintings by the most recognized and celebrated names in contemporary art, with a focus on those artists who have developed their skills and visual art in public spaces.

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opening day

Friday, April 7th

Come party with us on Opening Day!!
We're drinking beers, grilling brats and taking over the entire Belt Alley!!

Free Admission to the Alley
DJs Dante LaSalle + Frankie Banks